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Union Pacific 4-8-4 steam loco with tender and operating smoke and headlight, three-dome tank car, grain car, flat car with logs, center-flow hopper, open quad offset hopper, open quad offset hopper, two plug door box cars, wood stock car, wide vision caboose, 65 x 38" oval E-Z Track(R), power pack and instructions.


bac614 $379.00

Take a 24-mile journey thru the 1,000 foot deep Royal Gorge with this train that combines rich-historu, spectacular wiews and stylish accommodations. included in set are 2 powered loco's a smkooth-side coach, a full-dome passenger car and a 63"x 38"in oval of E_Z Track

BAC689  Royal Gorge Set

This remarkable 163 pc. set includes an off-center caboose,a suburban station,a signal bridge,48 figures,telephone poles,nummerous RR & street signs and a 63"x 38"in oval of E_Z Track

BAC615  Golden Spike Set

Set includes a single-dome tank car, a plug door boxcar, an off-center caboose and a 36" circle of E-Z  track

BAC612Thunderbolt Set

This replica of the train that operates today from Anchorage to Fairbanks, thru Denali National Park, offers 4 full-dome cars and a 63" x 45" oval of E-Z Track

BAC624 McKinley Set ARR

This 155-piece set named for the famous Nashville, Chattanooga and St.Louis railroad. It includes a single dome car, an off-center caboose, assorted miniature figures, buildings and structures, and a 47" X 38" oval of E-Z track

BAC626 Chattanooga Set

DCC Installed
This set includes cars with lighted interiors, an interior selection switch that lets you chose between rail or pantograph operation and a 63" X 45" in oval of NS E-Z track
BAC1313 DCC Spectrum Nor'Easter Set Amtrak
This set includes combine, coach , observation car with lighted interior and a 63" X 45" oval of NS E-Z track

BAC1306 DCC Spectrum Explorer Set  UP

TWO decoder-equipped loco's allow you to create your own fledgling RR empire or work with a friend to coordinate freight and switching operations.
Set includes a plug-door box car, an open-quad hopper, wide-vision caboose and a 56" X 38" oval of NS E-Z track

BAC501 DCC Digital Commander Deluxe Set SF

Features: a three-dome tank car, a gondola, a wide vision caboose and 53" X 38" oval of NS E-Z track

BAC503 DCC Digital Commander Diesel Set  UP


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