Open hopper cars are among the most numerous cars on North 
American rails. While steam and transition-era modeling is as 
popular as ever, 
In the steam and classic-diesel era unit trains were still 
decades in the future, but solid coal trains were common on some 
railroads. Since hoppers were smaller than today's 100-ton cars 
there were more of them.
Mines were smaller, so cars in a coal train may have a dozen 
points of origin. A mine with a three-track tipple like the 
Cornerstone(R) New River Mining Company (933-3017) was a medium 
to large mine in, say, 1950. Some mines had only a single-track 
tipple, and the smallest fed a small truck dump on a two-car 
siding! On lines with several small mines a "mine run" or 
"shifter" would travel the line setting out empties and gathering 
Back at the yard, they would be assembled into coal trains - a 
perfect job for WalthersProto USRA 0-8-0s. But a few cars, or 
cuts of several cars, would be switched into regular freight 
trains. These single-car shipments were destined for retail coal 
dealers such as the Cornerstone National Fuel Supply Co. (933-
4045) for residential use, to railroad coaling towers and to 
small power plants. 
WalthersMainline 36' 2-Bay Offset Hopper and 36' 2-Bay Ribbed 
Hopper are the kinds of hoppers you can offer every customer 
because they were common on local freights heading to coal 
dealers as well as in coal train consists. Modelers often need 
multiples of these cars, and as WalthersMainline models, they have 
an attractive price point. As a bonus, if you 
like to decorate cars for your freelanced railroads, the offset 
hopper is available in a data-only version so you can add 
your own railroad name and car number.
For detail-minded customers the WalthersProto 34' Wood or Steel 
Sheathed War-Emergency Hoppers are great offerings. Based on 
W.W.II cars constructed with wood sides to minimize steel use, 
the steel-side versions are patterned after cars upgraded after 
the war. Available individually and in three-packs, these 
detailed cars add realism to train consists. Because of the wide 
variety of hoppers during the steam era, you will operate 
these cars alongside their WalthersMainline hoppers - so don't be 
shy about running all of the hoppers together.
Finally, all of these hoppers could be found hauling other 
materials such as aggregates, ores, glass for recycling and more, 
so more than just coal train modelers can use them. 



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