Santa Fe's passenger trains drew from pools of cars used for 
streamlined consists. From the mid-1950s up to 1971 consists 
changed based on demand, mail contracts, train consolidations and 
new equipment arrivals. Although the road's flagship trains like 
the Super Chief and El Capitan had assigned signature cars such 
as the Pullman Pleasure Dome and the Sky Lounge respectively, 
other cars such as coaches, sleepers and head-end equipment were 
used on many lightweight trains.
As the 1950s became the 1960s, trains such as the Texas Chief, 
Kansas City Chief, Kansas Cityan/Chicagoan, the Oil Flyer and 
many others received streamlined passenger-carrying cars from the 
streamliner pool. Many of these trains carried Valley 6-6-4, Blue 
10-3-2, Pine 10-6, Palm 10-6, Regal 4-4-2, Indian 24-Duplex 
Roommette, Pullman-Standard 10-5 and Hotevilla 4-4-2 sleepers - 
at various times in the late 1950s and 1960s. 
Aside from the sleeper pool, Big Dome cars ran on the Kansas 
Cityan/Chicagoan, Texas Chief, Kansas City Chief and the Chief. 
85' Budd 46-Seat Coaches ran on dozens of trains. When more Hi-
Levels arrived to supplement the popular El Capitan in the 1960s, 
some were assigned to the San Francisco Chief and Texas Chief. 
Baggage cars and RPOs operated on most trains as well, but dozens 
of trains carried additional baggage cars including heavyweight 
cars and express reefers from REA and other railroads. 
Finally, EMD F units dressed in Warbonnet colors pulled all of 
these consists during their histories. The railroad mixed their F3 and F7 
diesels .



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