The Stock Rush - A Great Retro Industry

Railroads once handled vast quantities of livestock. Almost every
small town had at least a stock pen or two. Because the
transition era is an extremely popular modeling era, your
customers' 1930s to mid-1970s layouts aren't complete without a
few stock cars. If you are looking for something more
to add to your layouts, try WalthersProto(R) and
WalthersMainline(R) ,WalthersTrainline(R) or athearn  stock cars.

Like reefers, stock cars operated on the fastest trains carrying
cattle, sheep and hogs to regional feedlots or processors.
Because they had to be rested and watered enroute, certain towns
hosted resting pens and facilities. Into the 1970s in the U.S.
and into the 1980s in Canada, stock cars were part of the regular
traffic mix, so stock cars have great customer appeal.

Adding a stock spur in a small town is a quick and easy project
for many modelers. The Cornerstone Stock Pens kit #933-3047
includes a pair of pens - perfect for a basic installation on
almost any near-town siding. For larger installations the kit is
designed so customers can combine kits.

Stock cars are available for modelers at all skill levels.
Advanced and detail-minded modelers will love the WalthersProto
40' Mather Stock Car. Decorated in popular schemes the
WalthersMainline 40' Stock Car w/Dreadnaught Ends is a popular
car for any layout. The WalthersTrainline 40' Stock Car is
perfect for beginners and customers looking for a lower price

In addition to handling livestock, some railroads used stock cars
into the 1990s for hauling crossties and other work equipment .



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