Why Modules?

Here are some benefits of modular model railroading.

Start with one or two modules and expand as time, money and space permit.

You can expand by adding modules, maybe ,keeping in mind the "big picture".

Gain modeling confidence by having a functional example that you can refer to.

Build the area's you want, then connect them as they fit your space

Not sure what scale you want to model? Modules are small enough to get a good idea of what each scale has to offer. Modules can also give you a feel for how scenery will fit into your trackplan.

Modules are a wise investment! Moving into a new home or finally convincing your spouse to clean out that spare bedroom for your railroad? No problem! Modules easily disconnect and reconnect without any loss or damage. Each module is an individual assembly. The backdrop, lighting, legs, shelves and any other options are mounted to the module frame. When the module moves, everything moves with it.

All the mess associated with the building/detailing/painting processes can be contained in, for example, a garage. The completed module can then be moved into its location without all the "mess" in the "railroad room".

Modules guide the modeler to model their railroads as they appear in real life. Think of when you see railroad tracks in the real world. Rarely do you see more than a few tracks in any one scene and only one scene can be viewed at a time