Create the magic through this step-by-step, detailed video. It teaches you how to build a display for your collectible houses in less than two days, the Woodland Scenics way. The video shows how to build a 31" x 44" display that can be displayed in your home or office any time of the year .Includes various tips, techniques, ideas and instructions for each product.
These Woodland Scenics products are so simple to use that anyone can do it. You will learn how easy it is to:

Build a base with different levels for your houses, using lightweight foam components. Install street and house lights into the base and out of sight. Learn how to make rocks, hillsides, roads, streams, waterfalls, bushes and trees. Complete your masterpiece with landscaping turf and snow.

WOO1055  (DVD)......... $19.99         
WOO1056 (Video)......$ 19.99           

DEPT 56 dickens 

products you will need

DEPT 56 north pole


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